What should we wear ?FAB_7790

As simply and relaxed as possible, while wearing clothes that you really like and make you look and fell good.

We want to create images that reflect your personality and the easiest way to do that is to choose some of your favorite clothes because they will make you feel your best. Even if it  is brand new or very old, the clothes we love are memories as well.

However, if you are hesitating on what could be the best choice, I will be happy to help you select before our session.

What are the best places for a session ?FAB_3186

As our session are organized around your life, your personality and your activities, we will choose among the places that are familiar and important to you.

But we can do some beautiful pictures anywhere and sometimes the place itself doesn’t need to be beautiful in itself , just relevant to you. Whether it is a park, a garden, a soccer field or the street in front or your house, we’ll select the place that suits you the best and make you comfortable enough to shine.

Depending on the length of your session, we can also shoot in different locations.

I also know a lot of fun locations around Montreal that I can suggest depending on the mood you want to set for your session.

Do you have accessories ? Should we bring some ?

If your want to include accessories in your images, we will select them among your possessions, so that they can reflect your personality and your life as well.

But nothing keeps us from being a little crazy that day and let your imagination loose.

Children are very good at inventing and reenacting stories, so we can let them lead with their dreams… or yours.

So let them (and you) bring their favorite toys, costumes and assorted blankies, and we can also take that old but much loved sofa in the garden…

How much time before we see our pictures ? How much retouching do you do ?

After each session, every image is carefully chosen and corrected so that I can present to you the best images we created. The selection vary between 30 and 70 images depending on the package you chose.

You will be able to view your images online within 10 to 14 days after your session.

You will then choose a number of photographs (depending on your package) that I will retouch individually to get rid of all the little things we don’t necessarily want to remember. The folds on your newborn legs are adorable but not the scrapes and redness.

Here is an example of the retouching I can do.