the sessions


they are organized to capture in the most simple way your personality, your authenticity and your family’s, the people or pets that you love. we often organize them around an outing and/or your favorite activity.  so your are the most comfortable possible and creating beautiful images together is a real pleasure.

you choose your favorite place, where you feel good and can be completely yourself : a park where you like to go for a stroll, your house, a cottage, etc… so that each image is a strong emotional memory

i will only guide you gently to preserve their candid nature.

before each session, I will also ask you to think about all the little things you like to do together in your everyday life, these simple shared moments and gestures…

Kids and family

my goal is to create the best and most complete portrait of your family with images that will allow your children to remember the love you shared as well as all of their childhood’s emotions.

each of your child’s expression is important for you and every photograph i take is a piece of their personality, sharing a connection with you. and you will be able to keep forever all these little fleeting moments, your newborn’s fragile strength or your toddler’s joyful ebullience.


you are beautiful in your simplicity, your shape and your emotions. together we can create modern, sexy and fun images of the woman you are in that most important moment in your life, while preserving that candid side of you.


whether you want to celebrate that special anniversary or simply the strength and beauty of the love you share, my sessions are most and foremost a perfect moment to reconnect and a moment just for you.

for a couple of hours you can put your relationship first to simply and tenderly create images that will fix in time all of these beautiful emotions that you share.

friends and pets

they are a most important part of your life, and quite often are your family as well.

so don’t hesitate so make beautiful images with them as well, as you share a lot of the strong emotions of your life with your adopted family.